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10th Anniversary Special

10th Anniversary Special

  • Mary Lou Polka
  • Clariechen Landlaer (written by Pinky Schroepfer)
  • Tom Cat Polka
  • They Go Wild (Over Me)
  • Midnight Waltz
  • Bee Hive March
  • Annie's Tune (written by Brian Brueggen)
  • Darlin
  • Let's Turn Back The Years
  • Starlite Waltz
  • Rosa Polka (written by Leonard Sellner)
  • Ericka Waltz
  • China Boy
  • Hanswurst Polka
  • Dill Pickles Rag
  • Cashton Polka (written by Phil Brueggen)
  • Carnival Waltz
  • Styrman's Vals
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