the band

since 1985 this has been a 6 piece band while other bands are much smaller.  one of the reasons for their popularity is their big band polka sound.
Brian Brueggen

lives in Cashton,WI.  Brian plays the concertina and does most of the vocals with the band.  Once in awhile he will play a song on the trumpet.  Brian is married to Jodi and they have 4 children who also share a love for music. 

Jodi Brueggen

lives in Cashton,WI.  Originally from New Ulm, MN.   She plays drums and piano with the band.  Jodi is married to Brian and started with the band in 2001.

Phillip Brueggen

lives in Cashton,WI.  Plays trumpet, valve trombone and piano with the band. He is a Junior in high school.  Philip is the son of Brian & Jodi and has been with the band for 4 years.

Frank Galewski
frank picture_edited.jpg

lives in Dodge, WI. He plays tuba with the band.  Frank is married and has one daughter and is a proud grandpa. He started with the band in 1985.

Mark Heinz
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from Colby, WI and originally from Wausau, WI. He plays sax, clarinet, trumpet, piano and accordion with the band and also helps out on vocals.  Mark is married and has 2 children and has been with the band for 10 years.

Marty Nachreiner

originally from New Ulm, MN and now resides in Tomah, WI. He plays trumpet, sax, clarinet and concertina. Marty has 3 children and has been with the band since 1998. 

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